April 14, 2022 | News, Products

FIXAR introduces 4G connectivity for the increased UAV flight range

FIXAR has launched an LTE connectivity module for the vertical takeoff and landing drone FIXAR 007. This module aims to eliminate transmission limitations for long-range flights and facilitate BVLOS operations.

4G LTE connectivity provides an unlimited flight communication range and unlocks entirely remote-control capacity, – the operator of the drone is able to launch a mission from any remote location while having field support on the drone operational location. As 4G cellular network coverage is becoming more accessible, it is the cornerstone for safe BVLOS operations implementation and application in the coming future.

FIXAR introduces 4G connectivity for the increased UAV flight range

The FIXAR unmanned aerial vehicle communication using a cellular network provides the ability to combine telemetry link and the video link in one LTE channel and secures transmission quality in areas with large obstacles that may interfere with radio frequencies.

R2C link restrictions or limitations by specific region or country regulations may limit UAV communication options, however, a cellular solution will serve as a reliable alternative as it is compatible and meets the requirements of any territory of the radio frequencies usage, therefore allowing the use of a drone at any region with the network coverage. To do that the only thing required is an active local SIM card.

FIXAR is focusing on safe and autonomous long-range flights applying the highest standards and best practices from manned aviation. In Autumn, 2021 FIXAR introduced BlackBox for outdoor drones and constantly improves proprietary xGroundControl software and Autopilot system contributing to safety and user-friendly application.