About company

FIXAR is a leading software and aircraft design developer, powering commercial autonomous UAVs for industrial applications. Founded in 2018 by aerospace engineer Vasily Fainveits, the company holds a unique patented commercial drone design that is simpler and more reliable than other configurations. The company has a presence in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and provides world-class service through the network of distribution partners. 


We create safety-driven UAV solutions while laying the groundwork for a tomorrow in which we share our sky with fully autonomous, versatile, and multipurpose commercial drones.

Core Values:

  • Advocate safety culture
  • Flexibility without complexity
  • Enhance knowledge sharing within the commercial drone and UAV industry
FIXAR assembly

Innovation to Life

Combining unique traditions in aviation, electronic, and software engineering, FIXAR’s in-house Research and Development department excels at developing the most reliable and technologically advanced commercial drones on the market.

FIXAR combines high-performance, autonomous fixed-wing UAV design with sophisticated software technology resulting in an elegant all-in-one UAV solution that is revolutionizing how technology is being used in various industries worldwide. FIXAR brings UAV solutions to daily life and work tasks through autonomous aircraft design, proprietary xGroundControl Software, and advanced payload module systems.


Year after year FIXAR is leveraging knowledge assets to deliver future-ready technologies. Keeping our standards high, so we can continue to offer reliable and cost-effective drone-based solutions that serve customer needs. 


Aircraft & Aerospace Engineer Vasily Lukashov founded a research and development (R&D) company, which he called FIXAR


Development of the first MVP model

Intellectual property (IP) rights obtained on the FIXAR 007 aerodynamic design and on a payload module

The first international contracts were written

The FIXAR 005 outdoor model was released in series and became the first product in the FIXAR catalogue


Introduction of flagship model FIXAR OUTDOOR 007

International expansion with a focus on Northern America and Europe

Distribution network development – 25 authorized dealers worldwide

Approved for VLOS flights by Transport Canada


Start of production in new HQ facilities in Latvia and doubles the size of the R&D team

Transport Canada granted a Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC) to fly BVLOS (beyond the visual line of sight of the drone’s pilot)

Registration in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), USA

Release of new software for analyzing the aerial photography flight missions results just in time (Express Analyze Software)

Filed the US Provisional Patent Application for the FIXAR 025 aerodynamic design

Launched FIXAR BlackBox data logging system


Developed prototype of a new long-range eVTOL FIXAR 025 with a carrying capacity of 10 kg (22 lbs)

FIXAR 007 awarded with Edison Awards Bronze

FIXAR joins EIT Urban Mobility project to develop Urban Air Traffic Management System together with international partners

Introduced 4G connectivity for outdoor UAVs


Real-time image recognition powered by computer vision technology

Proprietary SLAM technology for the INDOOR drone use

New generation xGroundControl Software and advanced Autopilot 2.0 development

Awards & Recognition

Aerial city view

From Aviation Heritage
to the Future of Drones

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is the home of FIXAR. It is not a coincidence that FIXAR built a nest in the historic aviation powerhouse of Europe. Early in the 20th Century, Riga was known as one of the largest European hubs of industrial innovation. The greatest inventors and engineers of the time worked here, changing the face of the industry. Igor Sikorsky, the creator of the first heavy multi-engine aircraft in the world, was a well-known Riga innovator.

Nowadays, the capital city of Riga has become a thriving international hub for unmanned aircraft building, fostering fertile ground for developing industry-leading drone solutions.


April 27, 2023

FIXAR on Xponential 2023: join the demo flight in Denver

April 27, 2023

FIXAR on a demo show in Warsaw, Poland in May