Search & Rescue Missions

With over 60 minutes of flight capacity, FIXAR 007 covers larger areas in less time, enhancing the probability of successful rescue operations and emergency and disaster responses.
  • Vertical take-off and landing, allowing deployment under 5 minutes in any environment
  • Flights in extremely low and high temperatures, as well as amid geomagnetic anomalies
  • Missing person detection, recognition, and identification using cameras with a long-range observation capabilities

Use FIXAR 007

  • with switchable payloads: a loudspeaker or a video camera to take your search & rescue missions to the highest level
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Medical and Vital Goods Delivery

FIXAR 007 flight capabilities at high altitudes (up to 6,000 m/20,000 ft above sea level) and hostile weather conditions makes it the best solution for last-mile healthcare delivery of vaccines, blood samples, and life-saving resources to hard-to-reach communities.
  • LTE option provides unlimited connectivity range
  • Up to 2 kg /4.4 lb payload
  • Special compartments for blood and medical payload delivery

Use FIXAR 007

  • with a thermostable container to deliver sensitive vital supplies in hostile environments
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Law Enforcement, Surveillance, and Border Control

Fully autonomous FIXAR 007 ensures maximal safety for officers and bystanders while ensuring effective response to potential security threats.
  • Fully autonomous flight
  • Thermal camera and live object tracking
  • Full HD video streaming within a distance of 30+ km*

* — Depends on the connectivity unit. For more details please contact FIXAR sales team

Use FIXAR 007

  • with a thermal video camera and an LTE unit for high resolution real-time video streaming to enhance your scouting, mapping, and incident response
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