UAV Platform

Operated from proprietary xGroundControl Software

FIXAR commercial drones work autonomously in almost any environment, from industrial confined spaces to harsh outdoor landscapes including dense forests, unstable, and remote areas. FIXAR VTOL drones’ signature for efficient missions is fixed-angle-rotor technology and aerodynamic design.  FIXAR commercial drones combine the best characteristics of heavy-duty quadcopters and fixed-wing UAVs. Task-based payload modules may include a high-resolution photo and video cameras, thermal or infrared cameras, laser scanners, precision navigation modules, and many other payload attachments. FIXAR experts can help you determine the configuration you need to complete your job and achieve organizational outcomes.

Maximum Efficiency
  • 10x more cost-efficient than other in-class drone solutions
  • Efficient power consumption for long endurance flight
  • Best-in-class Payload/MTOW ratio
  • High maneuverability, including hovering mode
  • Resistance to severe weather conditions
End-to-End Solution
  • All hardware and software developed in-house
  • Multiple sensor payloads from RGB cameras to LiDAR, and much more
  • Proprietary 2-in-1 xGroundControl Software for intuitive flight planning and convenient terrain tracking
  • World-class service for the duration of the product life cycle
  • Training and certification for end-users
Reliable Technology
  • Robust control and failsafe operation with proprietary Autopilot
  • Autonomous take-off and landing, even on unstructured terrain
  • Protection from strong electromagnetic fields
  • Absence of bulky launchers or capture devices
  • Equipped with mission's data logging system - FIXAR BlackBox

Versatile Drones
for Multiple Tasks

FIXAR™ professional drones are paired with proprietary xGroundControl Software to deliver an elegant all-in-one UAV solution that is revolutionizing how technology is being used in various industries worldwide.

Reliable and proven
drone solutions

7 000+ hours
Current total flight hours
4 450 ha
Agricultural fields treated against pests and diseases
35 000 km2
Total photographed area

What the Mediais Saying

FIXAR equips outdoor UAVs with BlackBox for a safer sky
FIXAR equips all its outdoor drones with the additional FIXAR BlackBox system for UAV flight data logging enabling to increase traceability and accountability of the aircraft and contributing to safer air traffic.
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FIXAR drone optimized for both payload and distance undergoes testing
The EU-manufactured FIXAR drone has undergone testing as part of the firm’s mission to develop a commercial UAV that outperforms its competitors in both payload capacity and distance coverage.
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FIXAR joins EIT Urban Mobility project
FIXAR becomes a partner of the project Urban Air Traffic Management Development & Demonstration, led by the Istanbul Kultur University Technology Transfer Office.
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Autonomous Drone – A Reliable Partner in the Sky for Surveying and Mapping
FIXAR team performed aerial photography at an altitude of 4 500 meters above sea level, on the peaks of Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. The purpose of the project was to create an accurate map using orthophoto as part of geodesic surveys for the construction of a Cable car in mountainous terrain.
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FIXAR Awarded 2022 Bronze Edison Awards
The UAV has proven its superior properties at changing weather conditions and challenging high altitudes, 4,500 m (14 764 feet) above sea level at Elbrus, and outperformed same class UAVs by executing missions with up to 5x higher efficiency.
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