February 10, 2023 | News, Products

FIXAR announces a major Autopilot 2.0 release

FIXAR has just released an upgraded version of its proprietary hardware and software bundle, Autopilot 2.0. With the new version, users can expect even more flight safety, as well as improved flight precision.

One of the key features of Autopilot 2.0 is its reliable data protection. It uses AES 256 encryption for the connectivity module and a proprietary communication protocol, suitable for surveillance purposes. The flight data and autopilot software are protected by an in-built cryptographic module.

Safety has also been increased during landing. The upgraded landing detection algorithm can shut down the engines even if the landing LiDAR fails, ensuring a safe landing every time. Autopilot 2.0 also has a safe return to the take-off point in the “GPS lost” mode, using a set of independent sensors.

In terms of capacity, Autopilot 2.0 has unlimited possibilities for integrations and add-ons due to its powerful, high-capacity STM32 processor with more RAM. The mission data can also be stored on board, which allows the drone to continue the flight and complete the task even if the ground control equipment fails. With the ability to store up to 1024 flight points per mission, Autopilot 2.0 is ideal for large-area flights in agriculture and geodesy.

The flight precision of Autopilot 2.0 has also been improved. The new landing detection algorithm with high precision LiDAR sensor ensures a highly smooth landing, with a slowdown in the last descent section of the flight. The land-detecting algorithm is also more precise and adaptive, especially at low-altitude flights.

Overall, FIXAR Autopilot 2.0 is the future of drone autonomy, providing users with a safe, reliable, and precise solution. With its many features and capabilities, it is ready to face future safety and usability challenges for years to come.

FIXAR announces a major Autopilot 2.0 release