August 06, 2021 | News, Certification

FIXAR acquires Canadian approval for BVLOS operations

Transport Canada has granted RPV Aviation a Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC) to fly BVLOS (beyond the visual line of sight of the drone’s pilot) with FIXAR 007 fixed-wing VTOL.

FIXAR, working closely with one of Canada’s most experienced consulting service providers RPV Aviation and Transport Canada regulators, has produced an aircraft with robust reliability that ensures the public safety required for BVLOS operations.

FIXAR acquires Canadian approval for BVLOS operations

The BVLOS operations unlock plenty of opportunities for drone operators, taking advantage of Canada’s vast geography. While providing complete autonomy, FIXAR’s UAV is the perfect tool for first responders, complex tasks such as large-area photogrammetry and mapping, disaster management, last-mile deliveries to isolated regions, as well as urban planning, and much more. Most importantly, autonomous drones that are eligible for BVLOS operations prevent humans from being placed in a dangerous situation, increasing the efficiency of the missions that are often outside VLOS.

Developed in-house, the UAV utilizes a patented Fixed Angle Rotor system for seamless transitions between vertical take-off and landing and level flight and enhanced efficiency due to all motors being in use without any dead weight. This design also features fewer moving parts and thus fewer points of failure. The proprietary FIXAR embedded autopilot provides complete autonomy and the utmost in safe operations with minimal human intervention. This makes the FIXAR the perfect solution for large-scale BVLOS missions.

In addition to the conformity for BVLOS operations, the drone sets itself apart with its patented Fixed Angle Rotor system for seamless transitions to level flight and enhanced efficiency due to all motors being in use during the entire flight. The UAV has demonstrated increased flight length (up to 60km/37.3 mi), payload capacity (2kg/4.4lb max), and stability compared to similar class drones.

“We’re excited to be one of the first European UAV developers to receive authorization to commercialize drones for BVLOS flights in Canada,” says Vasily Lukashov, founder and CEO at FIXAR. “It is an important milestone for us and our clients. This acknowledgment of FIXAR solutions’ robustness gives us a great benefit to expedite the process of the authorization for BVLOS flights in other countries as well.”

Richard Podolski, the CEO of RPV Aviation, says “FIXAR is one of the best platforms I have worked on. The design is simple and easy to use. The FIXAR team has taken the care and effort to ensure any RPAS operator can use this excellent platform for BVLOS applications.”

FIXAR is represented by Volatus Aerospace in Canada and in the USA. The FIXAR 007 drones are to be manufactured in Canada, at the Volatus Aerospace facility at the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport in Oro, Ontario. FIXAR 007 drones are available for order at Omniview, appointed retailer of FIXAR in Canada.