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Why Today is a Good Time to Invest in Commercial Drones?

Stage of innovation trigger is completed

No more questions about technology.

The drones have passed the stage of early technology, super hype, overpriced valuations, weak demand from clients. Strong players remaining in the market are ready to build momentum.

Peak of inflated expectations is behind

There are no more overvalued projects in which even non-core investors were ready to invest.

Trough of disillusionment is completed

The market has weeded out teams that failed to make a product and/or sell a product.

Passed the plateau of investment activity in the sector.

Slope of enlightenment has started

Some early adopters overcome the initial hurdles, begin to experience benefits and recommit efforts to move forward.

The Commercial Drone Market is Growing Significantly

Drone-powered solutions have significant growth prospects increasing economic efficiency
  • More in-store purchase decisions could move online, pushing global ecommerce from 14% of retail sales in 2019 to 60% in 2030
  • At $0.25 per delivery (vs $5 by courier), autonomous parcel and food drone operators could be targeting a $115B market opportunity by 2030
  • Use of drones reduces mapping costs by 40%-75% and time by 35%-60% compared to terrestrial mapping methods

FIXAR Embraces the Current UAV Market Challenges


Industrial applications need a reliable, fast and easy-to-use integrated solution with economic efficiency. The current UAV does not provide the optimal solutions for many industrial use-case scenarios. And on top of that, they do not carry enough payload to collect precise data.

  • Easy to use: patented aerodynamic design with vertical take-off and landing, no need high trained staff, no need of catapult or parachute
  • Fully autonomous: does not require manual operation
  • Operates even in geomagnetic field
  • Reliability and scalability due to the absence of complicated mechanisms and aerodynamic design
  • Maximum payload higher than copters and airplanes due to the presence of lift force from the wings and rotors at the same time
  • Protected data by closed source proprietary xGroundControl Software
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