What’s New in xGroundControl Software?


The proprietary closed-source xGroundControl software allows the aircraft operator to build and edit a fixed-wing VTOL drone flight mission and monitor missions in real-time using 3D visualization mode.

Although mission planning and set-up are easy and intuitive with xGroundControl software, in order to create more advanced flight missions, our Senior Demo Engineer Karina has gathered some tips and tricks that come in handy when unlocking the full potential of the aircraft, avoiding common mistakes as well as increasing overall efficiency of the flights. Furthermore, several new features and xGCS software improvements will be covered during this webinar.

About the speaker:

Karina Limora is Senior Drone Operator and Clients Training Specialist at FIXAR Global. Her main duties at FIXAR include testing new features for xGroundControl Software, constantly working on and suggesting improvements, to make it even better and easier for the clients to understand and work with. Karina is also responsible for training customers on how to operate the drone as well as the software, doing trainings and demo flights for potential clients.


Senior Demo Engineer

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