UAV categories and application


A lot of different UAV solutions are available on the market – quadcopters, planes, fixed-wings etc. and users can get confused by the wide range of UAVs. In this webinar, we will shortly explain the field of application for each drone category to provide some clarity in this drone jungle.

Discussed in this webinar:

The presented information will provide insights about:

  • UAV classification and market categories;
  • Cost comparison examples – delivery, aerial photography;
  • Evaluation on UAV suitability for different tasks and industry needs;
  • FIXAR 007 – application and case studies.


About the speaker: Ronald Schultz

Ronald is an experienced sales professional with an extensive background in IT solution implementation and project management.

Since drone solution is a combination of hardware and software components, Ronald decided to join FIXAR team in March 2021 to inspire his team to achieve new goals and be in a consistent learning process regarding deep-tech drone technologies and how they can help industry professionals to automate everyday tasks, let them focus on data analysis and decision making instead of manual work.


Sales Manager

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