Professional drone

Fields of application:

Professional Aerial Photography & Videography

UAV Surveying

Energy Industry

Monitoring, Control & Inspection


Oil & Natural Gas Industry

Airborne Laser Scanning (LiDAR)

Security & Surveillance

Last Mile Delivery


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* Case appearance
may be different

Flight range up to 60 km

Cruize speed 72 km/h

Max speed up to 120 km/h

Flight time up to 60 min

Setup time less than 5 min

Payload up to 2 kg

Plug-in payload modules

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  • Flight preparation: less than 5 min
  • Maximum payload: 2000 g
  • Wing span: 1540 mm
  • Maximum speed: 27 m/s
  • Cruising speed: 19 m/s
  • Ascension rate: 5-10 m/s
  • Flight time: 60 min
  • Maximum flight range: 25 km
  • Maximum flight distance: 60 km
  • Wind resistance in vertical flight: 12 m/s
  • Operating temperature: from -30 to +60о
  • Case dimensions: 95.5 * 69 * 36.5 cm
  • Case weight with equipment: 26 kg
  • Flight preparation
  • Maximum payload
  • Wing span
  • Maximum speed
  • Cruising speed
  • Ascension rate
  • Flight time
  • Maximum flight range
  • Maximum flight distance
  • Wind resistance in vertical flight
  • Operating temperature
  • Case dimensions
  • Case weight with equipment
  • less than 5 min
  • 2000 g
  • 1540 mm
  • 27 m/s
  • 19 m/s
  • 5-10 m/s
  • 60 min
  • 25 km
  • 60 km
  • 12 m/s
  • from -30 to +60о
  • 95.5 * 69 * 36.5 cm
  • 26 kg

Drone Software

FIXAR 007 uses a closed hardware and software system specially designed for our professional drones. We guarantee the security of information. The applications and UAV use a special communication protocol, which eliminates control interception.

FIXAR XGroundControl

Ground Control Station

The closed-source software allows you to build and edit a flight mission, monitor missions in real-time, with 3D visualization.

FIXAR Autopilot


Our unique drone autopilot software provides a completely autonomous flight, including takeoff and landing. It is also protected against confidential data breaches.

Onboard GNSS equipment
& payloads

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Sony DSC-RX1 RM2
Camera. 42.4 MP, 35 mm lens.
Sony A6000
Camera. 24 megapixels, 20 mm lens.
Topcon B111
L1-L2, GPS/GLONASS. Onboard GNSS receiver with antenna.
L1, L2. Onboard GNSS receiver with antenna. GLONASS (L1,L2), GPS/QZSS (L1,L2), BeiDou (B1,B2), Galileo (E1,E5) SBAS.
Long range digital video and data link. Videolink.
1080P 30X zoom camera for drone with tracking and geotagging. Suspension optical range camera. .
Gimbal for thermal camera with 50mm lens. Suspension thermal imaging camera with auto tracking.
10X EO/IR dual sensor drone zoom camera with tracking and geotagging. Universal camera optical camera / thermal imager gimbal with auto tracking.
Parrot Sequoia
Multispectral camera.
Dispenser DSMK1800
Replaceable payload module with dispenser for distributed application of biological plant protection products. The system for preparing the mixture for the application of biological.
Multispectral camera.
Cargo Box
Boxing 1.9 liters. Dimensions 210x15x60 mm; weight up to 2 kg.
Battery for FIXAR 007M
Accumulator battery
Swivel camera
Rotating remote control 720 P camera allows to take high-quality aerial photos and film HD aerial videos.
Laser scanner
Laser scanner for high resolution 3D models creation

Technical comparison


Fixar Outdoor

Average copter

Average plane

Flight distance
60 km
15 km
66 km
Flight range
25 km
10 km
25 km
Flight speed
72 km/h
32 km/h
72 km/h
2 kg / 60 km
1 kg / 15 km
0.5 kg / 60 km

* Information is based on the results of FIXAR survey among UAV operators

FIXAR 007 Applications

Professional drone

FIXAR 007 is a vertical takeoff and landing commercial drone with primary application in the Aerial Photography, Monitoring, UAV Mapping & Surveying, Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy and Agricultural sectors. The intuitive approach to working with the ground control station makes it possible for anyone to use the FIXAR 007. With inertial orientation, FIXAR 007 can work stably under geomagnetic anomalies and in the event of satellite loss.

Reasons to Choose FIXAR 007:

•   Professional drone with vertical take-off and landing
•   Simplicity and reliability due to the lack of complex mechanisms
•   Fully autonomous flight from take-off to landing
•   Protection of user information
•   Low maintenance costs
•   A wide range of modifications
•   Own production of hardware and software
•   FIXAR 007 is a reliable, easy to use, and cost-effective professional drone

Technical advantages include:

•   Three times more efficient compared to regular quadcopters with comparable payload weight
•   Absence of complicated mechanisms
•   Technical support included

Performance advantages include:

•   No piloting skills required
•   Unique autopilot provides fully autonomous flight
•   Training takes no longer than 48 hours
•   All necessary equipment is included
•   Set-up for even complex operations takes less than five minutes

Other advantages include:

•   30% less expensive than comparable alternatives
•   Year-round use capability
•   Complex payback for three months
•   Buy and lease options available


Technical advantageous

Three times more efficient compared to regular quadcopters with comparable payload weight

Reliability and safety: absence of complicated mechanisms

Technical support during the entire period of use


Performance advantageous

No piloting skills required: unique autopilot provides fully autonomous flight

Training takes no longer than 2 days

All necessary items are supplied

Complex preparation for operation takes less than 5 minutes


Commercial efficiency

Can be used up to 12 months a year

Complex payback - 3 months

Options to buy and to lease the vehicle

Order drone

Cost-Effective Operation


from USD 20,000*

for a fully integrated drone for aerial photography

Economy when buy

UAV price

average number of flight days per year


USD 20,000

210 days


USD 95
per day


  • Fully owned

  • Maintenance services are provided by FIXAR or a certified service center

FIXAR 005 Sharing

from USD 3,000 per month*

The most competitive price on the market for leasing a commercial UAV

Economy when lease

UAV lease price



USD 3,000

30 days


USD 100
per day


  • Maintenance services are provided by FIXAR or a certified service center

  • Replacement drone provided in case of maintenance or emergency

  • Convenience of ‘use as needed’

  • Flexible lease terms from one week, with the right to return the product at any time

  • Monthly payment according to the current tariff*

Наземная станция управленияx Ground Control
Позволяет строить и редактировать полетное заданиес 3D визуализацией. Система автоматически учитывает рельеф местности, создает кэшкарты для последующего запуска в условиях отсутствия сети Интернет, обеспечивает планирование маршрута с огибанием рельефа на пути следования. Предоставляется возможность записи и последующего воспроизведения хода выполнения полета. Наземная станция управления имеет закрытый и сходный код.

The xGroundControl station allows you to build and edit a flight mission with 3D visualization. The system automatically takes into account the terrain, creates a map cache for subsequent launch in the absence of the Internet, provides route planning with envelope relief along the route. There is the possibility of recording and subsequent playback of the flight. The ground control station has closed source code.

Ground Control
Virszemes vadības stacija GroundControl dod iespēju veidot un rediģēt lidojuma uzdevumu ar 3D vizualizēšanu. Sistēma automātiski uzskaita apvidus reljefu, izveido keškartes turpmākajai palaišanai Interneta tīkla neesamības apstākļos, nodrošina maršruta plānošanu ar reljefa apiešanu kustības ceļā. Tiek sniegta iespēja ierakstīt un turpmāk reproducēt lidojuma izpildes gaitu.Virszemes vadības stacijai ir slēgtais pirmkods.

Автопилот Fixar
Обеспечивает полностью автономный полет, включая взлет и посадку, а также возможность полета в условиях геомагнитных аномалий, т.к реализовано управление без использования магнитометрического датчика. Это уникальное решение для дронов с большим радиусом действия. При упорядочивании ряда параметров продукт может использоваться вкачестве автопилота для самолетной, коптерной и гибридной схемы летательного аппарата.

The Fixar Autopilot provides a completely autonomous flight, including takeoff and landing, as well as the possibility of flying in conditions of geomagnetic anomalies, because control is implemented without the use of a magnetometric sensor. This is a unique solution for long range drones. When ordering a number of parameters, the product can be used as an autopilot for an airplane, copter and hybrid aircraft circuit.

Fixar Autopilot
Nodrošina pilnībā autonomu lidojumu, ieskaitot pacelšanos un nolaišanos, kā arī lidojuma iespēju ģeomagnētisko anomāliju apstākļos, jo vadība realizēta bez magnētiski metriskā adaptera izmantošanas. Šis unikālais risinājums ir paredzēts droniem ar lielu darbības rādiusu. Sakārtojot parametru virkni, produktu var izmantot kā lidmašīnu, kopteru un hibrīda shēmas lidaparātu autopilotu.

FIXAR Outdoor SLAM позволяет выполнять автономный полет без применения спутниковой навигации. Создает 3D-модели местности и накладывает систему координат на карты в реальном времени для автономной навигации без применения спутников.

FIXAR Outdoor SLAM allows you to perform autonomous flight without the use of satellite navigation. Creates 3D terrain models and imposes a coordinate system on maps in real time for autonomous navigation without the use of satellites.

AutoReport позволяет оценить необходимость повторного облета территории сразу после его совершения, в полевых условиях. Позволяет интегрировать любое полетное задание в наземную станцию управления. Полученные в результате полета материалы автоматически анализируются напредмет качества полученных фотоматериалов и соответствия точности центров фотографирования требуемому результату. Имеет большой объем справочного материала и возможность автоматического составления всех необходимых документов при эксплуатации комплекса – от составления приказа на командировку сотрудника до запроса в Генеральный Штаб ВС РФ с разрешением на съемку.

The unique express-evaluation software for the obtained FIXAR AutoReport aerial photographs allows you to assess the need for repeated overflights of the territory immediately after its commission, in the field. Allows you to integrate any flight mission in the ground control station. The materials obtained as a result of the flight are automatically analyzed for the quality of the resulting photographic materials and the accuracy of the centers of photographing with the desired result. It has a large amount of reference material and the ability to automatically compile all the necessary documents during the operation of the complex - from drawing up an order for a business trip to an inquiry to the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces with permission to shoot.