Fields of application:

UAV monitoring of confined space

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  • • 2 cameras: main camera and rear view camera (daylight and night camera)
  • • Video transmission through complex reinforced concrete structures
  • • Position holding optical sensor
  • • Rugged body, collision and fall resistance
  • • 4-way obstacle detection system (integrated lidars)
  • • Switch between front and rear view video cameras
  • • High-speed data transfer from board to ground computer
  • • Additional sensors: IR, strobe lights, RGBW diodes and others on request


FIXAR is a closed hardware and software system specially designed for our professional drones. We guarantee the security of information. All software is designed specifically for the FIXAR aerodynamic design. It uses its own communication protocol, which eliminates control interception.


Navigation without GNSS

Creates 3D terrain models and maps in real-time for autonomous navigation without the use of satellites

FIXAR INDOOR applications

Professional drone

FIXAR INDOOR is a multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle designed for inspection and control of enclosed spaces: mines (including ventilation ones), cellars, abandoned buildings, as well as for regular monitoring of the condition of industrial premises and roofs. Using special hardware and software on board FIXAR INDOOR allows you to create 3D models and maps of the premises, as well as quickly carry out inventory of warehouses, which means reducing the amount of labor in this area. FIXAR SLAM Indoor software is a newly developed product of the company. Work safety is a paramount task at any enterprise. FIXAR INDOOR will reduce the risks of life-threatening people who are examining hard-to-reach places, as well as reduce the costs of the special assessment of the labor conditions by refusing to attract people to life-threatening jobs. In addition, FIXAR INDOOR can be used in the educational field, where it allows you to develop a creative approach to creating innovative solutions. The device has a stable, smooth flight and predictable behavior when controlling both visually and in camera mode.


FIXAR INDOOR can be presented in two forms: a ready-to-fly assembled UAV with the pre-installed sensors on board, or a constructor unit which consists of the complete assembly in the basic configuration for fully manual visual control and more than a dozen additional modules. At the same time, each of the units can be purchased separately; as a result, the assembled UAV can look like anything different, be adapted to any task that a young scientist faces, and complete it. The basic set consists of a FIXAR INDOOR device with two cameras and a lidar to keep the altitude, two rechargeable batteries, a charger, a control panel with an installed monitor for transmitting images from the camera’s devices.


•   Professional drone with vertical take-off and landing
•   Simplicity and reliability due to the lack of complex mechanisms
•   Fully autonomous flight from take-off to landing
•   Protection of user information
•   Low maintenance costs
•   A wide range of modifications
•   Own production of hardware and software

FIXAR Outdoor SLAM позволяет выполнять автономный полет без применения спутниковой навигации. Создает 3D-модели местности и накладывает систему координат на карты в реальном времени для автономной навигации без применения спутников.

FIXAR Outdoor SLAM allows you to perform autonomous flight without the use of satellite navigation. Creates 3D terrain models and imposes a coordinate system on maps in real time for autonomous navigation without the use of satellites.