Aerial photography in Murmansk

In 2019 FIXAR performed aerial photography in the Murmansk region.

Problem description

Aerial photography is one of the most effective and fastest methods of obtaining, studying and presenting objective spatial data for topographic plans, construction monitoring, etc. When selecting the equipment for work, the customer faces a number of limitations:

  • Accuracy of the data, compared to ground surveys, is questionable. Not all unmanned aerial systems are capable of assembling photographic material of the required quality with geo-tagging;
  • There are difficulties with the launch and subsequent landing of an unmanned aerial system, a catapult and a parachute are required;
  • The existing systems are quite complex to operate, which means a high risk of crashing and the need for more resources for training;
  • Malfunctions of the magnetometer sensors in the zones of magnetic anomalies cause the drones to fall as their flight becomes unpredictable.


FIXAR 005 for aerial photography is comprehensively suited to the challenges faced by the customer.

  • Performs the photography with the necessary accuracy at the customer-specific scale. RTK and PPK geo-tagging technology is used. Verification of compliance with the required scale is continued throughout the aerial work.
  • FIXAR 005 aerodynamic design allows taking off and landing on unprepared sites, vertically with an accuracy of 2 meters; the device is resistant to winds up to 12 m/s. An airplane drone requires a catapult for take-off and a parachute for landing;
  • The special software allows analyzing the quality of the received materials before the office study (express analysis).
  • The package is fully autonomous from take-off to landing, and training to work with it takes no more than two hours;
  • With no magnetometer sensors onboard, FIXAR is independent of the magnetic background and can be operated in the vicinity of reinforced concrete structures, shafts and mines.

Work progress

In April 2019, aerial photography was carried out in the Murmansk region in order to obtain photographic materials of sites with accurate geo-tagging for the subsequent receipt of an orthophotoplan and a digital terrain model.

Photos of the area of 1,500 hectares were made with 3 cm/pix resolution for 8 hours of work with a payload of 1,000 g.


The opportunity to get photographic materials of the required quality, which were subsequently used by the customer for analysis, became a key factor for choosing FIXAR for further aerial photography missions.