Newspaper delivery to a distant region

Last mile delivery of small cargoes to remote settlements is not an easy task, because of high cost and logistics by land. A small town not far from the district center, separated from it by a river, mountainous area or other obstacle, might be cut off from mail or urgently needed medicines and documents.


FIXAR 005 for delivery combines the advantages of airplane and copter designs and provides a solution for creating a distributed logistic delivery system:

  • FIXAR 005 takes off vertically and lands on any hard surface;
  • Airplane mode allows traveling up to 60 km in one flight (the specific distance depends on the type and weight of cargo being delivered);
  • The FIXAR thermal container provides the necessary storage conditions for the cargo;
  • Sealed document blocks can be safely dumped anywhere;
  • Delivery of mail for the whole settlement takes no more than an hour;
  • FIXAR is capable of taking up to 2 kg of weight on board.

Work progress

Ershovka village is 2 km away from Sarapul city in Udmurtia; the river Kama between them makes the logistics of small cargo delivery rather difficult: several dozens of kilometers on local roads and further by ferry.

The FIXAR 005 solution started from an unprepared site and made the delivery autonomously in 5 minutes flight time, dropping the cargo at the specified point. Sealed tubes ensured the safety of newspapers despite landing in the snow. The same job by road usually takes about a day due to the difficult access to the region.

Result of work

The FIXAR 005 successfully delivered the cargo and confirmed the efficiency in last mile delivery and the importance of developing an autonomous logistics system in the regions.