Professional Drones

Autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are revolutionizing how technology is being used in various industries. Professional drones increase efficiencies, decrease project costs, and provide unique, elegant solutions to organizations and individuals worldwide.


FIXAR uses in-house research and development data to manufacture the most technologically advanced UAV on the market. We pair our unique professional drones with our proprietary software operating systems and controls to deliver all-in-one UAV solutions.

Our devices meet the strictest standards and advancements in the field of autonomous aerial systems. We manufacture drones that operate flawlessly in almost any kind of environment, including regions with magnetic anomalies, confined and hazardous spaces, inaccessible indoor and outdoor areas.

FIXAR lineup includes autonomous aerial vehicles to meet your needs in all applicable areas, including videography, photography, surveying, cartography, 3D mapping, monitoring, surveillance, education, delivery, and many others.

дрон для мониторинга помещений


учебный дрон красный


FIXAR 007 Outdoor is a vertical take-off and landing professional dronethat offers a reliable autonomous flight. The UAV provides a flight range of up to 60 km at speeds of 72km/h. The quick 5-minute setup and relatively high payload capacity make it perfect for all sorts of aerial tasks.

FIXAR INDOOR is an unmanned aerial vehicle designed to monitor, inspect, and control industrial confined space and inaccessible areas, mines, basements, sewers, warehouses, rooftops, etc. Our proprietary onboard software combined with lidar and other equipment provides for real-time 3D-modelling of the surrounding area for safety monitoring, inventory, surveillance, and many more. Integration of FIXAR INDOOR SLAM enhances navigation, allowing to efficiently work in areas without satellite signal reception.

FIXAR EDU Commercial drones are built for learning purposes. It is a minimalized version of FIXAR 007, ideal for people interested in learning how to design, configure, and operate unmanned aerial systems (UAS). The training module helps to obtain basic skills for operating multi-rotor and aircraft devices. Since most components are 3D modeled, they can be swapped out and remodeled for any applications.

Each FIXAR UAV product comes with lifetime product technical support, option to buy or lease, and 3-months fast payback guarantee.