Biological protection of crops

The FIXAR team helped protect 3,150 ha from vermins by adding trichograms.

Problem description

Today the agricultural industry is struggling to maintain and increase yields and facing the following challenges:

  • Pesticide treatment and overchemization result in a loss of about 25% of the world’s agricultural output;
  • The ban on pesticide spraying in the vicinity of settlements prevents small farmers from maintaining their crops;
  • Lack of special equipment for monitoring the fields leads to the lack of control over the planting areas and results in the inability to quickly adjust the course of work;
  • Due to the mass use of pesticides, there has been an extinction of bee populations last year. This in turn leads to germination problems, as bees provide a natural pollination process.


Digital technology and the development of drones help agriculture safely process crops and control planting areas. The FIXAR 005 solution is comprehensively suited to the tasks at hand.

  • Bioprotection as a substitute for pesticides and chemicals. The introduction of natural insect eaters – entomophages (in particular, trichogrammas), i.e. means of protecting plants of natural origin, makes it possible to safely and quickly process any areas of planting. FIXAR 005 can treat a field of 60 hectares in one hour and up to 500 hectares per working day, while a human would need a month to do the same job;
  • Aerial photography in visible and multispectral modes collects data for the correct analysis;
  • Monitoring of fields for precision farming helps to determine the best watering level, the condition of the plants and to adjust agricultural work.
  • Fulfillment of the above tasks both individually and cumulatively leads to increased yields, improved crop quality and, as a result, its higher value as a fully organic product.

Work progress

In partnership with the Russian Agriculture Center, FIXAR 005 solution for agriculture has successfully introduced biological protection on the area of 3150 hectares (for 2018 and 2019) in Belgorod, Tambov and Mordovia regions.

In the course of the work, entomophages were applied twice and in the vicinity of settlements, which for the first time made it possible to safely preserve the harvest in the treatment area.


The introduced entomophages destroyed 74% of pests upon a single flight and ensured the safety of the crop, which is confirmed by the official research of the Russian Agriculture Center.

Advantages of FIXAR 005 for agriculture

  • Can work up to 12 months (depending on the region) and pays off in the first quarter;
  • Take-off and landing from unprepared sites with an accuracy of 2 m;
  • Autonomous introduction and monitoring;
  • Recognition of the terrain;
  • No special skills needed to work with the ground control station;
  • High wind resistance, up to 12 m/s;
  • Enclosure protection IP55;
  • Low maintenance cost.