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The key to the successful, dynamic development of UAV technologies in Latvia lies in the unique combination of aviation, electronic, and software engineering traditions. Each of the components is essential for the creation of an innovative aerial vehicle. Thus, it is no coincidence that FIXAR, a progressive designer and builder of vertical take-off and landing unmanned aircraft, is located here, in Riga.

Drones for Business and Industry

FIXAR drones are used for a variety of tasks in many industries, including aerial photo-videography, land surveying, mapping, monitoring and inspections, last-mile delivery, real-time monitoring, a wide range of agricultural work and many others.

Thanks to the unique, patented aerodynamic design and proprietary software, FIXAR UAVs provide the lowest cost per flight hour amongst the drones under 7 kg.

дрон fixar 007 outdoor корпус
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UAV Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

A peculiar mix of many European cultures and traditions, as well as national traits such as diligence, precision, entrepreneurial spirit, and creativity, greatly contribute to the country’s technological development.

Early in the XX century, Riga was known as one of the largest European hubs of industrial innovation. The greatest inventors and engineers of the time worked here, changing the face of the industry, e.g. Igor Sikorsky, the creator of the legendary aircraft “Ilya Muromets”.

Nowadays, Riga is once again gaining the title of the leading European industrial innovation cluster, particularly for the recent and coming achievements in the unmanned aircraft building industry.